My work is inspired by the many places I have lived.  I was born in Manchester where I initially studied Art and developed my love for it.  I travelled the world as an Army wife for over 20 years and now live in East Yorkshire so my imagination is full of different landscapes, colours and feelings which tend to provoke a more emotional response than a representational one.  I also travel to Dubai to visit my son and family and am really inspired by the architecture there.
Five years ago, I returned to full time study in York covering the many aspects of Art including textiles, printmaking, digital art etc. and I am currently working through a Creative Visionary Path programme.  
I usually start by laying collage, playing with colour and building up layers until the painting starts to respond and often tells me where it wants to go.  I love the freedom and joy of working this way and will never tire of the wonderful desire to experiment and develop my work further.